Local Development

13 New Sections for 2012/3

In 2012 and 2013 Lewisham District Scouts opened thirteen new sections as follows:-

6th Deptford – New Group opened in 2012 with a new Beaver Colony and a new Cub pack opened in 2013.

This Group meets in partnership with Deptford Park School on the Pepys Estate, Off Evelyn Street. Adults were recruited from parents and the local community. The opening of this new Group has not only filled a huge gap in Deptford, but has also aided the 2nd Deptford with new members. This has become a great spin off and shows us that opening new Groups and sections where there is a gap in provision also can assist local existing Groups to develop as well.

3rd Crofton Park: New Cub Pack.

The Group opened in September 2010 and in April 2012 the first Beavers to attain the age of 8 formed the new Cub Pack with eleven of them starting the new Pack. There are now 16 Cubs and more Beavers will be linked in 2013.

There never seems to be a shortage of new joiners and as Beavers move on more join the Colony. Likewise with the 6th Deptford, young people who have not been able to join the Group have been offered a place elsewhere. By summer 2014 many Cubs will be Scout age and a new Troop will be needed so the Cubs can move on.

32nd Deptford: A new Beaver Colony and Cub Pack.

The Group continues to develop at an astonishing rate both with young people and adults with the opening of a second Cub Pack and a second Beaver Colony.

In addition to this, the 32nd is the first Group in Lewisham to open its own Scout Active Support Unit for adults. This will greatly enhance the ability of the Group to provide good quality programmes and have the adult support available to ensure this happens.

Lewisham Network Unit:

After several attempts to ensure the District has a fully functioning Network for 18-25 year olds, we managed to recruit a new Network Coordinator who has done some brilliant work in the last few months.

The Network Unit is now running very well and has 57 members (many are already active leaders in the District, but also take part in network activities). Several network members have become assistant Network leaders and they have already formed a crew for Frylands Wood starting mid January.

1st Lewisham Park (Young Muslim Academy):

The Group has opened new sections for Beavers and Cubs for both boys and girls in 2013. The Beavers and Cubs will be meeting together until they grow in sufficient numbers to have separate meetings. New leader teams have been recruited from the Islamic Community and a new Group manager has also been recruited to develop the Group.

17th Lewisham North: 

This Group opened a second Scout Troop in 2013 following some negotiations with leaders who moved from another Group.  The 17th has as a result has shown some remarkable growth with the appointment of a Group Scout Leader and setting up of a Group Executive Committee.

Lionheart Explorer Unit:

The unit opened in partnership with the 32nd Deptford in 2013 and although low in numbers and unfortunately although a leader team was found, two of them had to leave due to personal circumstances.  A new plan is in place to ensure the unit continues, but a new team needs to be found to run the unit.  The plan is also to wait until there is a good core group of Scouts ready to move on.

Sovereign Explorer Scout Unit:

This new Explorer Scout Unit in partnership with the 16th Lewisham South (Grover Park) opened in early October 2013.

Two new leaders have been recruited and they had been working with the Group’s Scout troop for most of the year so that when the Scouts reached Explorer age, they and the Leaders moved on together.

Like anything new, it will take a while to develop, but the unit has a solid grounding for sustainability with support from both the Group and the District.   

Frylands Wood Scout Active Support Unit:

This new unit for 2013 is made up of adults who support Frylands Wood Activity Centre which is the District campsite.  Many members are recruited from outside of the District and volunteer to help maintain and manage the site in partnership with the wardens and the District.  For more information about Frylands, please go to www.frylandswood.co.uk.