Group Support

Work in Progress

New Group/sections for the Pepys Estate, Deptford:

Work is under way for either a new Group in Deptford or possibly some satellite sections attached to the 6th Deptford possibly in 2013 or early 2014. The new provision will be run from the Riverside Youth Club and/or the local community centre in association with Lewisham Youth Service and the local Islamic community.

6th Deptford:

Following the successful partnership with Deptford Park School, this Group is well into its further development stage. Having now recruited several new adults from the local community and parents, work is underway to develop the Group Executive Committee.

The Group opened a new Cub Pack in September 2013 and 14 Beavers moved on to the new Pack.

Potential new Group at the Honor Oak Community Centre:

This is a project is born from a request from the centre manager and the Trustees and would start with Beavers and/or Cubs.

Support for the project is coming from the centre managers and some local residents.

The project is being led by the Regional Development Service.

Developing existing Groups:

Work is underway to develop a new initiative to support existing Groups that wish to expand, but may find it hard to get something going.  Satellite sections are not a new invention, but are always difficult because finding new adult teams can prove to be a heavy burden on Groups where leaders do not have the time to help get something going.

We are now finding that Groups are struggling to offer places to children who wish to join and although it is good to know that more children wish to join, we are at a point now where waiting lists are springing up again.  We do however have some Groups who need to recruit young people and so we are looking to develop some new plans to tackle this issue.

We intend to work with Groups that have waiting lists and those who need to recruit young people so that we can provide the Scout experience for those parents who wish their child to join straight away.  More on this soon.

Explorer Units:

Grove Park

After a lot of work and support from the 16th Lewisham South Group, the new Explorer Scout Unit in partnership with the 16th opened in early October 2013 and has been named Sovereign ESU.

Two new leaders have already been recruited and they had been working with the Group’s Scout Troop for most of the year so that when the Scouts reached Explorer age, they and the Leaders moved on together.

Like anything new, it will take a while to develop, but the unit has a solid grounding for sustainability with support from both the Group and the District.

Plans for Other Units

The plan is also to work towards opening a new Unit in the Sydenham area during 2014. A search is underway for new leaders to run the unit.

Discussions are also underway to develop one or more units in areas where units do not exist.  However, the development project and District Team want to ensure that units exist with a good local support base and with leader teams that are committed to those units in the long term.

Existing Group developments:

Development Plans:

The District development plan is continuing to support Groups to draft and implement development plans. Support for this will continue throughout 2013 and 2014.  There were sessions on development plans at the recent GSL/Chair Workshop Day where Groups discussed their long term plans and their priorities in the short to long term.

The District Commissioner offered direct support in drafting a Group plan if groups needed help.  Drop-in sessions will take place if needed.

A revised and updated Group Development Plan Tool is available to help any Group draft their plan and this can be found here Group Development Plan Tool – 2013.

 Health Checks:

We are continuing to meet with Groups to carry out health checks and these will take some time to complete so will be dealt with on a priority basis.  If Groups would like to volunteer to have a health check, please book the date with the Development Officer.  All information about how a health check is undertaken will be provided.

Appointment of GSL’s:

The District Development Plan is well on target as 22 of the 26 Groups now have Group Scout Leaders appointed. During late 2013 and 2014, support will be given to Groups with no GSL’s to identify someone to take on this pivotal managerial role.

There is a GSL guide available for any GSL on application to the Development Officer.  It is a fairly lengthy document so we will supply a copy on application.

Young leaders:

As many of you now know, the new Lewisham Young leader plan was implemented in September 2012 and the new schedule for 2013/2014 can be found under the Explorer section on this website.

Group Adult Opportunity List

The District maintains a list of adult leader and helper opportunities if your Group is in need of more adult helpers please complete this form and email it Garry Leach who will try to match people with an interest in becoming an adult helper with the registered opportunities.