Development Grants & Fundraising

HQ Development Grants Board and Fundraising Updates:

Criteria – February 2006

£100 Start Up Grants

Would you like to receive a £100 Start Up Grant? YES!

Does your Section/Group meet the below criteria? YES!

If so, why not apply for a £100 Start Up Grant today.

  • Must be one of the five Sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers or Scout Network)
  • The section must be entirely new or have been closed for at least 6 months before re-opening..
  • The Section/Group has not received any other form of funding from The Development Grants Board.
  • Groups should be using the Gift Aid scheme or in the process of utilising this Government scheme as part of their fundraising.
  • New Groups must be fully co-educational, except in exceptional circumstances in accordance with Scout Association rules.
  • Grants can be backdated from date of application, but only by a maximum of 6 months.

Please return your application form to:
The Administrator, The Scout Association, Development Grants Board, Gilwell Park, Bury Road, Chingford, LONDON E4 7QW

HQ Applications for Grants:

With the exception of applications for youth activity grants, Headquarters grant applications and loans will not be considered unless the District or Group is running the Gift Aid scheme.

What is funded?

There is a single document ( ) that details all the funds available.

For information and forms for any HQ grant please go to this link,658,659

What they do not fund:

Grants are NOT available for:

  • New buildings, refurbishment of buildings or property, or general building or property works
  • Purchases already made, deficits or loan repayments
  • Membership fees or subscriptions
  • Hire or purchase of minibuses or other general Scouting equipment
  • Rent of premises for meeting or storage
  • General subsidies for activities or camps for whole groups of the majority of participants
  • Grants for non-Scout members or for non-Scout activities

For advice on any of the above, please contact the fundraising team who may be able to offer help, information and support.