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Group Administrator

28 October 2013

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This is a very flexible role and the tasks will be agreed between you and the Section Leader and/or the Group Scout Leader.

If you are an organised person and have some time to support the adult leaders, then acting as a Group Administrator could be for you. This role can be carried out by a new volunteer, parent or friend of the Group and no experience is necessary. However, the majority of administrative tasks will fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Member record management
  • Finance
  • Insurance

Member record management:

Depending on your role, you may be asked to be responsible for one or more of the below:

Young people

  • Maintaining personal and contact information of youth Members and their parents/guardians
  • Maintaining joining lists and registers of interest
  • Monitoring attendance and updating the young members progress towards badges and awards
  • Completing the annual census return


  • Maintaining personal and contact information of adults Members
  • Maintaining records on roles held, training completed, reviews due, disclosures issued and permits held
  • Completing the annual census return

To carry out these tasks effectively, information must be stored in line with the Data Protection Act, the guidelines can be found on the website. An online membership database will help you with most of these tasks.


Whatever you may agree to do, you will probably have a role to play in ensuring that accurate financial records are maintained. This may include:

  • Taking the weekly subs or however the Group manages the members payments.
  • Maintaining records of monies received (e.g. for activities, camps, membership subscriptions, donations) and money spent (e.g. on bills, fees for activities, volunteer expenses)
  • Approving payments from a Scouting bank account
  • Contributing to the creation and management of a budget

To carry out these tasks effectively you will need to ensure that you keep relevant receipts, invoices, bank statements and balance sheets as appropriate, to ensure that there is a clear audit trail to explain any financial records.


The Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring that there is adequate insurance in place for people, property and equipment. You may be required to support the Executive Committee to do this by maintaining records of:

  • Members and non-Members involved in Scouting
  • Equipment you own, store, hire or loan out to others

All Members of The Scout Association are covered by insurance while taking part in Scouting activities. The Group Administrator role can be for as much or a little as the above mentioned responsibilities and quite possibly undertaken by more than one Administrator. The responsibilities can be shared between several Administrators. This would be agreed between you and the Group Scout Leader and/or the Group section Leader.

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